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Behind the Scenes of a BRAVA Launch

by Stephanie Jamain 13 Apr 2023
Behind the Scenes of a BRAVA Launch

Wondering how the launch of a new collection goes? Today, we let you into our little world to discover the behind the scenes of a process that takes nearly an entire year.


First, the MOODBOARD

It all starts with a moodboard, which allows us to communicate our ideas, research trends for the coming year, give us a guideline and put forward our creativity. This year, our inspirations came mainly from our nostalgia for the 90s, our teenage years. However, it was important for us that you could mix and match the pieces to create your unique look.


Second step: Selection and colouring of the prints

We have to select the dominant colours and the prints for this new collection. The prints are designed by our graphic designer. This phase includes a lot of trial and error, and the selection is always difficult because we often have too many favorites but have to narrow our final choice to 4 or 5 prints. We conduct colour tests with our sublimation team to ensure the recipes we use are the best match to our solid colours and that the prints come out nice and are the right scale.


Third step: The Catalog

We then tackle the catalog. The catalog allows us group and visualize the planned styles in the chosen prints and colours in order to have an overview. We typically narrow down colours even more before finalizing the catalogue.  This step is completed before end of June the year prior to the launch.


Fourth step: Production planning

Planning requires a lot of time and attention; we have a 12 page checklist to ensure we don’t forget anything!  We need to determine the quantities to be produced for each style, do calculations and orders for raw materials, labels, technical sheets, sublimation files, etc.



All goods are typically received before the holidays so that production can start in January of the launch year.  Fabrics are sent to cutting, printing and production. We must wait several more months while our various local teams and seamstresses make your clothes with love. Even with the utmost attention to detail during the planning phase, there are always surprises during production that we must urgently attend to!

 Production Brava


Sixth step: photoshoots

Finally! We receive our samples and we can start the photoshoots. This is a step that is close to our hearts because it is at this moment that the collection really comes to life. We start with studio photos and then lifestyle photos with our favorite photographer, @Gophobservation.




Seventh step: Website updates

Once the photos are in, we refresh the website with the new collection and create the lookbooks. We also share previews of the collection on our social networks before the launch! 


Finally, the launch!

There is a lot of marketing prep work for communication of the launch which we plan content for in advance. After almost a full year of hard work, the collection is finally ready to be unveiled!


Behind all of these steps hide many roller coasters, stress, unforeseen events, uncertainty but also a lot of excitement and joy and satisfaction when we see your reception to each new collection.

Thank you for your support, season after season. It makes it all worth it✨


Jacinthe, Stephanie & the BRAVA team
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