Registered Massage Therapist.

The accomplishment you are most proud of:
My two amazing daughters and Ironman Canada 2015 (my first Ironman). 

Your go-to pre-race meal or ritual:
On race day, I follow advice given to me by a fellow Brava Ambassador, Audrey. I indulge in a square or two of Lindt Sea Salt Darkness chocolate! I gives me a little delicious boost!

Favourite quote:
It never gets easier, you just get better.

Tell us something fun about yourself!:
I think my favourite part about Ironman races is the IronKids run the day before an event. My daughters race and always love to receive their medals at the finish line. Their smiles scoop up my heart and soul and carry me across the finish line the next day!

What 2019 races/events can we find you at?
Ironman Canada will be my main focus this year. Leading up I will do the North Shore Tri and a 70.3 Victoria in June. Capping off the local scene will be Cultus Lake tri! There will likely be a few other local races sprinkled in there - I definitely love being on the start line!

Why Brava?
It is an honour to support a company created by amazing Canadian women who design not only a beautiful product but a quality product that I am proud to race and train in. I was instantly intrigued by the striking designs and am even more pleased with the longevity and wearability of the pieces. 

Your favourite Brava product and why?
The Brava Aero Tri Suit is outstanding. No more burns on my back and shoulders, the side pockets are so handy for nutrition and nothing rides up or shifts, not even under a wetsuit.